Compliance Institute survey shows lack of awareness on Google third party cookie ban


Date:  5th of  July 2022

A survey by Compliance Institute of their members, has found that although the oncoming changes from Google around the use of third party cookie data will have implications for almost nine in 10 businesses, there’s a widespread lack of awareness, with 74% of respondents saying there’s little to no awareness of the issue within their organisation.

Speaking  about the survey findings, Michael  Kavanagh, CEO of Compliance Institute, said

“These findings point towards a lack of awareness, a lack of preparation, and possibly a lack of collaboration. All of which are concerning from a compliance perspective,” 

Google proposed a third-party cookie ban on Chrome that was intended to come into effect this year, but was pushed back to 2023  after a mixed response to its alternative proposals. The ban was seen a win for the privacy conscious but concerns were raised about how it would impact the ad industry.

"What the results show us is that organisations need to look at the area of data from a more holistic viewpoint. This is not just the domain of the marketers within the business – anything that relates to the collection or capture of data contains a GDPR element, which of course, is led, in the main, by compliance professionals."

The survey also looked at whether or not marketing and compliance teams were working together to prepare and develop new data collections strategies in advance of these changes – more than half said there was no coloration at all, while a further 14% say they would like to be working more closely with the marketing department.

"It is evident from our survey that greater cross collaboration and communication is needed marketers need to do more to engage with their compliance colleagues and vice versa."

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