Diploma in Fintech Risk & Compliance

Programme Overview

The Diploma in Fintech Risk and Compliance is a level 7 qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications, offered by the Compliance Institute’s education provider PAT Business School and awarded by TU Dublin.

The programme is designed to address industry-wide challenges by providing professional training in Fintech Risk and Compliance. 

Compliance is core to the provision of regulated financial services and the risk management of those services, and therefore the compliance professional is at the centre of the financial services industry. Given the evolution of technologically driven innovation in finance, these professionals require education and training to adapt to the evolving nature of the compliance framework, and associated risk management, in Fintech focused operating models.

Constantly updated and designed with compliance practitioners this programme delivers the core knowledge, skills, and competencies that professionals require to work in both a Fintech environment, and an increasingly digitised compliance function.

The programme addresses the demands of current compliance and regulatory professionals, of varying levels of experience and seniority, and offers the opportunity to a wide variety of candidates to reskill/retrain for careers in the financial services industry. The programme provides the training students require to begin, to continue and to enhance their career paths as a compliance and regulatory professional.


The programme is scheduled to commence on the 6th February 2024 and will be delivered part-time.

The 8 modules that comprise the programme will each be delivered by a diverse panel of industry practitioners over 24 weeks (two academic semesters) in an on-line environment. Weekly 4-hour classes will be recorded and be supplemented with pre-recorded content & reference materials. 

Taking up an ACOI Designation:


On successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded the Diploma in Fintech Risk and Compliance by TU Dublin.

Graduates who complete the Diploma in Fintech Risk and Compliance will be invited to apply for the designation ‘Certified Fintech Risk and Compliance Professional’ and use the designatory letters CFRCP. Continued use of this designation is subject to meeting Compliance Institute’s CPD requirements.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

CPD hours will be awarded to the following designations on the successful completion of this programme.

Semester 1

        Designation/CPD Scheme: [Maximum CPD Hours]

  • Accredited Funds Professional - 9hrs
  • CPD Member - 4hrs
  • LCI - 32hrs
  • Professional Banker - 12hrs
  • QFA - 4hrs
  • RS CPD Member - 4hrs

Semester 2

        Designation/CPD Scheme: [Maximum CPD Hours]

  • Accredited Funds Professional - 9hrs
  • CPD Member - 2hrs
  • LCI - 32hrs
  • Professional Banker - 9hrs
  • QFA - 2hrs
  • RS CPD Member - 2hrs

Entry Requirements

This programme is aimed at learners with a Level 6 award – equivalent to a Higher Certificate (120 ECTS) – who wish to specialise in the field of risk and compliance with a view to entering the financial services industry, or those with a Level 6 award who are working in Financial Services and who require a qualification in the area in order to progress professionally.

For applicants not holding a Level 6 Higher Certificate (120 ECTS), entry will be determined on the basis of ‘fair recognition of education and training qualifications, periods of study and prior learning, including the recognition of non-formal and informal learning’. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For entry onto the programme, applicants must present IELTS 6.


  • €4,600 for the whole programme.
  • The Diploma in Fintech Risk and Compliance has also received Springboard+ funding, for more details click here.

How to Apply

  1. You will need to be a current member of the Compliance Institute to register for this programme.
  2. Register for this programme through our education provider, PAT Business School.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the Diploma in Fintech Risk & Compliance, or any education programme:


Contact: [email protected]