Working Groups & Committees

Working Groups

Compliance Institute is delighted to have the support of numerous volunteers who sit on our Working Groups in support of both the institute and its members.

Working Groups, which are made up of experts in their area, serve to provide members with the latest insights on current and pending issues of relevance. They also seek to identify issues which may impact on Compliance Institute members in their day to day functions and their education needs. In addition, where required by council or the executive, the Working Group may provide subject matter expertise in relation to their area.

Each Working Group run at least 2 annual events comprised of seminars, webinars and/or workshops. Such events are built around hot topics concerning each Group’s particular area of expertise and are normally accredited for CPD.

Compliance Institute Committees

The work of Council is supported by the following committees:

  1. Membership Committee
  2. Central Steering Committee
  3. FRAC – Finance, Risk & Administration Committee
  4. Ethics Committee
  5. Audit Committee
  6. Membership Committee
  7. Diversity & Inclusion Committee 

Membership Committee: 

The Membership Committee is responsible for making sure that the institute's activities are relevant and engaging for members, and that the institute’s proposition has real value both to the members and to the community of compliance professionals as a whole. The institute would like to recruit new members for this committee and has a particular interest in members who:

  • work in the insurance, funds, life & pension and credit union sectors; and/or
  • work in legal or consulting firms; and/or
  • are only recently enrolled for any of the association’s accredited education programmes;
  • and/or have become members of the association in the last few years.

Current Committee Members: Jason Palmer, Christos Iossifides, Deepa Nair, Fiona Smyth, Gemma Roche, Kimberley Russell, Marcin Dmochowski, Orla Gilmartin & Alexandra Stableforth.

Membership Committee Terms of Reference

Education & Professional Services Committee (EPDS)

The primary function of the EPDS Committee is to assist the Board in researching, planning, co-ordinating, developing, implementing and overseeing courses of study, accredited CPD and other continuing non-accredited educational and related activities for the benefit of Compliance Institute members.

Current Committee Members: Coleman Hudson, Chris Martin, Marcello Pietrocola, Donal Martin, Joyce Byron, Thore Domeyer, Tim Dyball, Olivia Dunning & Aine Hickey

EPDS Committee Terms of Reference

Finance, Risk & Administration Committee (FRAC)

The primary function of the Committee is to provide support and expertise to the Board of the Compliance Institute in respect of its finance, risk, audit and administration functions. Specifically the Committee will focus on:

  • Annual financial plan and updated forecasts during the financial year
  • Monthly management accounts and reporting to the Board
  • Three year financial planning
  • In the role of Risk Committee, the Committee will provide a link between the Board and the internal and external risks faced by the institute.

Finance Risk & Administration Committee Terms of Reference

Ethics Committee

The primary function of the Ethics Committee is to provide support and expertise to the Board of the Compliance Institute, Compliance Institute members and the wider business community in respect of business ethics. Specifically, the Committee will focus on the following areas:

  • Support and assistance to Compliance Institute members and members of the wider business community in discharging their responsibilities with recognition and understanding of the ethical dimension of their role and function, and the context within which they operate;
  • The provision of education, training and development support in the area of business ethics and the practical aspects of ethics in business;
  • The examination of ethical dilemmas, challenges, or practical situations that may give rise to ethical issues and the development and provision of generic guidance;
  • Consultation and collaboration with other professional bodies and business in general in the area of business ethics and sharing of experience and ethics guidance for the benefit of the Compliance Institute.

Current Committee Members: Sean Wade, Coleman Hudson, Yevgeniy Podkladnev, Ian Mullins, Mary Noonan, Alan McGilton, Antoinette Lee, Ed McDonald, Susan Naughton, Conor O'Donnell

Ethics Committee Terms of Reference

Audit Committee

The primary function of the Committee is to provide for governance and oversight of financial accounting, financial reporting, the internal control framework, and the risk-management framework of the Association.

The Committee provides a link between the Council and the external auditors, and is independent of the institute's day to day executive management.

Audit Committee Terms of Reference 

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