Continuous Professional Development (CPD)  

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a major factor when carving out a career in compliance, particularly when taking in to account the ever-changing regulatory environment with new and emerging legislation constantly on the agenda. The Compliance Institute of Ireland is the leading provider of CPD events for compliance professionals in Ireland. Last year, over 4,000 professionals working in the compliance, risk, regulation, and finance sectors attended the Compliance Institute's CPD events which covered over 70 CPD hours. 


What is CPD?

CPD is any process or activity of a planned nature, that provides added value to the capability of the professional through the increase in knowledge skills and personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties, often termed competence. It is a life-long tool that benefits the professional, client, employer, professional association and society and is particularly relevant during periods of rapid technological and occupational change.

CPD Codes

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CPD Events

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CPD on Demand

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CPD - All you need to know

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Benefits of Compliance Institute’s CPD Scheme

 CPD will help to:

  1. Develop the skills required to undertake your role as a compliance professional;
  2. Enhance your skills and knowledge on existing and new areas of regulation, law and business practice and ethics;
  3. Build your employer’s trust and confidence;
  4. Expand and improve your technical and professional skills;
  5. Develop the softer and more subtle non-technical skills required to undertake the role of a compliance professional;
  6. Build your self-confidence and conviction;
  7. Remain competitive in the employment market;
  8. Raise your personal profile through networking; and
  9. Broaden your views and perspectives.