Compliance Institute survey shows only 12pc of Irish firms are “very prepared” for the change re Google’s third-party cookie ban on Chrome


Date:  25th of  July 2022

A survey by Compliance Institute of it's members, has found as Google pushes ahead to ban third-party cookies from Chrome next year, only 12pc of Irish firms are “very prepared” for the change.

Speaking  about the survey findings, Michael  Kavanagh, CEO of Compliance Institute, said

“Major changes are coming down the tracks and there will be no getting around this. All organisations will be forced to change their practices and find other ways to collect information needed to research the market and target key audiences while keeping within the boundaries of data protection laws.”

Google’s third-party cookie ban on Chrome was expected to come into effect this year, but was pushed back to 2023  after a mixed response to its alternative proposals. The ban was seen a win for the privacy conscious but concerns were raised about how it would impact the ad industry.

“Marketers need to do more to engage with their compliance colleagues, and compliance teams need to take the time to get to understand, what is, a fundamental part of their business, and one with a high potential risk for GDPR breaches”.

Further highlights from the Compliance Institute Cookie Survey reveal:

6 in 10 say compliance and data protection teams within their organisation do not have a clear understanding of how 3rd party cookies are used within the organisation

46% say the compliance function within their organisation has little to no involvement in aspects of marketing such as first & third-party cookies and data capture

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