Compliance Institute survey

32% of Irish organisations are not prepared at all for a cookie-lese future 

Date:  27th of  July 2022

A survey by Compliance Institute of it's members, has found as Google pushes ahead to ban third-party cookies from Chrome next year, suggested that 32pc of Irish organisations are not prepared  at a ll for a cookie-less future, while 56pc are only somewhat prepared.

Speaking  about the survey findings, Michael  Kavanagh, CEO of Compliance Institute, said

“The findings highlight a sharp knowledge gap that exists within compliance and data protection departments of Irish organisations, and it seems that this is largely due to a communication blockage with the people in the business that are at the forefront of this type of data collection and utilisation i.e. those whose expertise and responsibility lies in marketing”.

“There is no way that these organisations can effectively prepare for the changes, unless they change their strategy and allow for and enable much clearer lines of communication. Marketers need to do more to engage with their compliance colleagues. And compliance teams need to take the time to get to understand, what is, a fundamental part of their business, and one with a high potential risk for GDPR breaches”

Google has delayed plans to phase out third-party cookies from its Chrome browser yet again, citing the need to further test alternatives.

The plan for cutting third-party cookies from Chrome was originally set to begin this year, but was  pushed back to 2023  after a mixed response to its alternative proposals. The timeframe has now been changed to 2024.

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