Shine with Pride (Online)

Shine with Pride 

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Date: 27th June 2024

Time: 13:00pm - 14:00pm

CPD: 1 hour LCI, FCI (Compliance), FCI (Ethics), CECA, CFRCP, CSFCP

Fee: Free

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  • Celebrating Pride at 50 - We celebrate the marking of 50 Years of Dublin Pride. Some positive progress has been made however there remains lots of opportunity for further positive progress that remains paramount especially in the areas of supportive policies at local and national level, availability and access to various health supports as well as the ongoing combating of aggression in all its forms that is still experienced by the LGBTQ+ Community.
  • The Importance of community - Support for the LGBTQ+ community by and from the wider society and how that support can evolve by proactively supporting the community in its aims, events and policies in general society, schools and in the workplace.
  • Giving a voice - to the Transgender Community, by understanding the challenges it faces and being an advocate for the community on its journey for better supportive policies, health system supports and understanding of the challenges and aims of the Trans community in society and in the workplace.
  • The Role of Allies - Focuses on Allies offering Active Support on an ongoing basis; Creating Safe Spaces at work, school and our communities; Encouraging allies to continually grow and educate themselves about LGBTQ+ issues and listen to the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals.
  • Societal Needs and Future Directions - Education and Awareness to accurately represent LGBTQ+ histories and experiences ; Healthcare Access: Ensuring trans-affirming healthcare and mental health services are available and accessible. Inclusive Policies: Implementing workplace and institutional policies that protect and support LGBTQ+ individuals.


Ronan Conboy, Member of Compliance Institute's Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Ronan has 25 years of experience in the Financial Services sector holding a variety of senior management roles including 12 years as CEO. 

He has held a number of Board Director as well as Audit, Risk, Compliance and other Committee roles during his career. 

In addition to his Compliance qualification he holds a business degree, a Masters in Leadership and Management and is also a Chartered Director from the Institute of Directors Ireland. 


Jed Dowling, Festival Director Dublin LGBTQ Pride

Jed has at various points been a minister, an optician, a lecturer, an event organiser, and an activist. He has worked within the LGBTQ+ community for over 20 years and has been the Dublin Pride Festival Director since 2015. He is also Programme Director for Pride at Work, one of Ireland’s largest LGBTQ+ focused DEIB training programmes.







Ember Cullen, Workplace Operations , AIB (She/Her)

Ember is the newest member of AIB’s Pride+ Network Committee. She is transgender and bisexual, and aims to educate people on sexuality and gender, with a particular emphasis on both aspects of her own identity, which are frequently misunderstood. Ember’s gender journey took place during her time in AIB, having originally come out as nonbinary in 2023 before later coming out as transgender and transitioning in early 2024. She is uniquely positioned to speak on her experience of transitioning in the workplace, as well as the change in perceptions over time and through different identities. Ember is also an advocate for intersectionality, and firmly believes in the importance of support among different marginalised groups. She received a late ADHD diagnosis in 2022, which set her on a path to question every aspect of her life in order to find her true self.

Tiernan Brady, Global Director of Inclusion at Clifford Chance

Tiernan was Director of the Equality Campaign, the successful Australian marriage equality campaign and Political Director of Yes Equality, the successful Irish campaign for marriage equality – the first two countries to enact marriage equality by public vote. He was policy director of GLEN, the Irish LGBT+ NGO, the Director of Organisation to Irish Deputy Prime Minister (Tánaiste), Mary Coughlan and Mayor of his hometown of Bundoran in Ireland.



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27/06/2024 13:00 - 14:00
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